Managing Change Effectively

Top 10 Change Management Solutions Companies - 2022

The world today is very different. Major change happens moment to moment— economically, environmentally, sociologically, politically, and organizationally. Given all this, we need to re-wire ourselves to be more comfortable with and open to change. We need to become more change-capable.

All changes, big or small, benefit from well-thought-out change management. It’s estimated that as many as 70 percent of change projects fail due to a lack of proper support and guidance. This is why change management companies have become a necessity for organizations of all sizes. Effective change management involves three broad phases: preparing for change, implementing and managing a change plan, and reinforcing the desired change by gathering and analyzing feedback, identifying gaps and managing issues, and adjusting changes as needed.

Keeping track of all the stages of change while implementing or tracking its efficiency is no cakewalk. Proactively, organizations have started subscribing to change management software to help them transition smoothly and thrive. These change management tools can be deployed to help reduce confusion and uncertainty, as well as aid in communicating the impact of changes throughout the organization. Ideally, it should be a blend of change management software, templates, training, and resources, as well as a core team dedicated to this end.

The change management process is all about how you get from Point A (the existing state) to Point B (your desired change). But to implement that change successfully, especially in the current climate where the stakes are high, the right confluence of tools and resources makes a world of difference.

This edition aims to provide readers insights from industry leaders to help them have a detailed understanding of the change management arena and the recent developments in this field.

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    Top Change Management Solutions Companies

  • Center for Strategy Realization leverages a three-pronged approach to change leadership to improve leaders’ strategic performance and energize the workforce at the same time.

  • Alloy Software

    Alloy Software

    Alloy Software is a US-based leading provider of IT Service Management, IT Asset Management, and Network Inventory software solutions that help organizations of all sizes automate IT operations. It was started in 2002 in New York City by a couple of IT geeks looking to help other IT geeks manage their IT geekiness by giving them superhuman software abilities

  • B2B Strategic Solutions

    B2B Strategic Solutions

    B2B Strategic Solutions is a group of professionals with expertise in several areas that are critically important in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Their team helps clients design organizational structures, processes and cultures that closely align to business strategy and create sustainable solutions

  • Curium Solutions

    Curium Solutions

    Curium Solutions is an award-winning change consultancy headquartered in Florida (US) and Birmingham/London (UK). They work with household brands across a range of sectors to deliver business critical change that really sticks

  • HiView Solutions

    HiView Solutions

    HiView Solutions is your trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner, providing product licenses, technical services, and change management that help organizations thrive. The company specializes in products including Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Google Voice, and more

  • Issuetrak


    For nearly 30 years, Issuetrak has been delivering innovative issue-tracking software and support that is affordable and easy to use. Issuetrak serves clients around the world and in nearly every industry. Whether the issues are referred to as tickets, requests, complaints, or bugs, Issuetrak’s configurable, integrated software ensures that client won’t miss anything

  • Syntropy


    Syntropy helps organizations transform their teams, take cost out of the business, define a strategic roadmap, and implement strategic initiatives - and in every instance they are better, stronger, faster, and future-proofed when the work is done. They have a team of experienced technology executives and management consultants partnering with the clients to solve difficult problems through practical approaches

  • SysAid


    Founded in 2002, SysAid fixes IT with Service Automation – powering a way smarter help desk that practically manages itself. Giving millions of global customers around the world faster, smoother IT service, while giving IT service teams a break from the grind

  • TOPdesk


    With over 750 employees spread across 16 offices worldwide, TOPdesk is one of the fastest-growing service management providers worldwide. Their mission is helping organization achieve excellent service delivery. TOPdesk employees get the trust and the freedom to create innovative solutions for all your service management needs

  • Whatfix


    Whatfix is a leading Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies deliver modern and easy onboarding, effective training and better support to users through contextual content displayed at the time of need. The company powers up software solutions by lending incredible simplicity, intuitiveness, and personalization