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Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

As organizations move forward, abiding by the mantra— “embrace the change,” the service providers for change management in the market suit up with the best of tools they’ve got. These service and consulting companies are emerging as the catalyst for guiding the companies through their phases of transition for both organizational and transactional changes.

Irrespective of the size of the change, organizations are employing different kinds of change management tools. However, considering the lack of knowledge about the technological solutions in the market and its complexities, change management services and consulting firms are now coming up with modules that can help their clients with an inspiring transition. There are some service providers who also dealing with problem and incident management, and are utilizing more sophisticated technologies to improve future planning by helping organizations document their plans and tests regarding their future projects.

To have a greater understanding of the nuances and further scopes of change management industry, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the HR Tech Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed the top consulting companies in the change management domain. In our selection process, we looked at each of the vendor’s capability to fulfill the correct implementation of the technology.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Services Companies – 2019.”

    Top Change Management Consulting Services Companies

  • Provides tools, resources, and support to transform the management of organizations

  • Dilan Consulting Group was founded with the idea that licensed psychologists team with deep business experience could make a considerable difference in the enhancement of leaders, teams, and organizations. The company aims at delivering outcomes that can advance sustainable change, robust engagement, as well as strong overall performance. Unleashing the human potential within the teams to drive business sucess is at the core of the group. By dint of its unique approach, Dilan Consulting Group helps its customers innovate and grow with the change of time

  • Emerson Human Capital helps organizations capture the benefit of change initiatives, be it a new technology, product, service, market strategy, or operating model. Emerson is the first company of full-time professionals focused only on behavior change for organizations, and they believe that the key to unlocking any organization’s potential is the behavior of individuals. The company draws from research in psychology, marketing, political science, and communication to inform their methodology. Emerson considers it their job to push clients to think about their goals in new ways, shooting for targets they hadn’t considered in ways they thought impossible

  • The ISI team guides its clients through business processes optimization and managing the people side of the change before a technology implementation. For ISI, change management starts with the proactive involvement of the end-to-end process stakeholders in open and transparent dialogue eliminating process knowledge silos. ISI guides clients through the development of a detailed understanding of their Current State business processes. Once a detailed current-state understanding exists, a Lean assessment will identify improvement opportunities. ISI develops and explains the pros and cons of each improvement opportunity to organizations. ISI facilitates active learning, which involves guiding clients through iterative pilots and tuning the process at every step based on iterative lessons learned

  • A global change management consulting company specializing in business strategy, leadership development, and change management

  • Provides management consulting services to help leaders streamline and expedite change management for a better tomorrow

  • Provides consultancy to facilitate conversations, perform strategic analyses, develop operational playbooks, and streamline business structures for effective services with optimum performance

  • Being First, Inc.

    Being First, Inc.

    A Strategic advisor to the C-Suite, Being First, Inc who provides an integrated System of Transformation that delivers breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and teams, while developing world-class change leadership capability. Since its inception, the goal of Being First has been to learn, grow, transform, and breakthrough to ever-increasing heights. The two core competencies are Human development and performance, and Organizational transformation. In addition, they also provide consultancy for cataluzing breakthrough in leaders and teams to transform the culture of the organizations

  • Abreon


    A prominent change management service provider who enable the adoption of new ways of working and promotes powerful new behaviors. It specializes in facilitating any business transformation, maximizing the return on organizations'investments by improving the competency and productivity of employees and end users. Their services and solutions include Organizational Change Management, Communication Planning and Execution, and for various others spaces like Education program and Content Planning. They Offer Proven Behavior-Change Methodologies to Help People Master New Processes and Technologies. Their five Change Management pillars— Organizational Alignment, Stakeholder Engagement, Training & Education, Communications Strategy, and Measurement & Metrics provide proven change-management process that ensures smooth transition

  • Centric Consulting

    Centric Consulting

    A management consulting firm, Centric, that guides its customers in the search for answers to complex digital, business and technology problems by asking tough questions, leading crucial conversations and blending their experts with the client’s. They provide consultancy for business, technology, digital, and industrial needs. In addition, they host events where experts share their industrial knowledge which in turn provides meaningful insights to the clients. Together, they optimize the processes, elevate your technology, and helps their client to compete in a digital world