VIKRITI Management Consulting, LLC.: Change Begins with People

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Jolly Nanda, Founder, VIKRITI Management Consulting, LLC.Jolly Nanda, Founder
With an aim to align with the recent technological advancements and changing market needs, most organizations today are eager to adopt change. However, pursuant to a universal phenomenon: human fears change. Emotions like uncertainty may lead to frustration and low morale among the staff. With a sense of ennui, employees are likely to resist changes—creating a barrier to productivity, efficiency, and business growth. For effective organizational change and seamless transition, enthusiastic and passionate participation of all the stakeholders, from management to employees, is essential. Minnesota-based VIKRITI Management Consulting believes that change begins with people; and that collaboration and complete participation of all the workers is integral to the success of change adoption. “To that end, we develop and implement strategic plans and drive organizational change by aligning all the stakeholders with their corporate mission,” states Jolly Nanda, Founder of VIKRITI Management Consulting. VIKRITI focuses on streamlining the adoption of technological changes and improving business processes for its clients across industries such as manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare.

With team VIKRITI as the thought partner, companies can remain competitive and drive their business growth. “We excel in navigating complex and matrix organizational processes and accordingly solve critical business problems for sustainable business transformation,” explains Jolly. To engage the employees exclusively in the change process, VIKRITI’s professional team follows a pragmatic approach comprising several well-defined phases. “We typically start the change management process with an assessment of the client’s business needs and the required changes. During the assessment, we spend most of the time interviewing with the employees, convening interactive workshops to collect feedback on exactly what drives their business.” With the understanding of the client’s business objectives, the team determines the timeframe of the entire change journey.

We develop and implement strategic plans and drive organizational change by aligning all the stakeholders with their corporate mission

VIKRITI’s interactive workshops align the organization and its employees with a communication strategy on the changes required to elevate the business in a way that benefits their professional growth as well.

VIKRITI works side-by-side with the client’s organizational change process team throughout the change journey. Following the assessment is the planning phase where team VIKRITI defines parameters like incentives for the employees who participate in the organizational change process, KPIs, and initiates the execution of the change management plan and the communication strategy. In addition, “We decide the staffing models of both the teams (VIKRITI and client) to precisely measure work activity, determine adequate labor hours, and calculate business expenses. We also align employee buy-ins to promote more willingness for the necessary change in accordance with the business objectives,” says Jolly. Team VIKRITI builds a KPI monitoring system which is handed over to the client’s team during the support phase.

For instance, a nationwide online retailer known for its customer service firm approached VIKRITI to identify the tensions between the various functional teams and help them collaborate for enhanced service quality. VIKRITI facilitated several alignment sessions to understand the challenges faced by the firm’s support team. After these sessions, it was observed that the client’s support team lacked in documentation or training related to the delivery of effective technology services. To empower the support staff in delivering better customer services, VIKRITI assisted them in documenting their entire architecture and creating service management reports. These reports depicting information on usage, performance, and availability of services not only amended a productive conversation with the customers but also maximized productivity and consistency.

Moving forward, VIKRITI strives to enrich their unique change management approach further and continue aiding clients in boosting their morale, productivity, and quality of work to succeed in the competitive market.