TokuSaku Consulting: A Bespoke Approach to Change Management

Matt Iseri, President & CEO, TokuSaku ConsultingMatt Iseri, President & CEO
2020 will forever be known as the year that changed us all, testing our resilience to new limits with each day. From the increasing workforce remotization due to uncertain lockdowns to the dynamic changes in customer demands alongside the mounting pressure to digitize operational standards, business disruptions brought by COVID-19 were unprecedented and required creative adaptation. Transitions of this sort require appropriate change management strategies steered in a deliberate and focused direction within a specified timeframe. They should also be carried out outstripping traditional roadblocks — like implementation failure and the fear of consequences along with the mental and emotional effect it has on the workforce — without disrupting the business.

Headquartered in Seattle, TokuSaku Consulting is a management and technology consulting firm dedicated to driving strategic solutions for stakeholders across multiple verticals. Backed by over 20 years of rich experience in the process and project management field, Matt Iseri founded TokuSaku Consulting to bring an artistic approach to problem-solving and change management. Iseri’s entrepreneurial DNA and Japanese lineage are the guiding factors that modeled the company’s genesis. What truly makes the company unique is its proprietary methods blending the philosophies of martial arts with business culture. As a 3rd-degree black belt, Iseri finds judo a constant source of inspiration as he navigates the industrial landscape. Every move on the judo floor translates into valuable insights on leadership and commitment to the idea of change. This is precisely what TokuSaku Consulting aspires to offer — a framework for Seamless Execution™ that helps filter out the distractions and “noise” to obtain better results in less time.

“Unlike our peers in the industry, we address every problem as a whole, contrary to treating it as segments. This enables fluidity in problem-solving. We provide our clients a framework for solving problems instead of prescribing a predefined method or technology to disrupt the conventional customer experience landscape,” says Iseri. okuSaku (which translates to 'well-thought plan' in Japanese) offers a solution- and methodology-agnostic approach to all their services in the areas of business transformation, project leadership, and technology solutions.

Unlike our peers in the industry, we address each problem as a whole, contrary to treating it as segments. This enables fluidity in problem-so

The discipline of judo is incorporated into the functional fabric of the company during every stage, from identifying the problem, addressing it, and adopting the approach best suited for the client's organizational culture and the problem at hand.

Like Kuzushi (imbalance) in judo, the first stage with the client involves breaking down and understanding the problem and impacted area. The second stage, Tsukuri, which means 'fit,' is about identifying what approach best suits the client. The next execution stage, Kake, is about helping the client in the transformation process using the right tool. The last stage in the process is YuseiGachi, which means validate.

“Just like how the referee comes in to address the result, for clients, the last step is all about assessing the task that's accomplished, looking for improvements, and validating the results,” says Iseri on using the techniques in judo to draw parallels with effective business transformations.
TokuSaku’s diverse and trusted clientele ranges from a corporation with more than a 150-thousand employee to an eight-person non-profit organization. TokuSaku takes pride in operating and facilitating conversations with their clients during the pandemic. They explore how each company can emerge from the unprecedented global disruption as a stronger entity. The company arranged short-term engagements with organizations to effect change management strategies embracing a virtual workforce. The trust established over time has also made organizations reach out to TokuSaku for assistance as they speculate and prepare for the second wave.

Iseri believes that the real challenge for companies post-COVIDwill be addressing remote workforce issues while continuing the process of building their brand within the confinements of the virtual space. “The strong bonding culture within offices has to be conserved, and communication should have a meaningful purpose, to integrate the performance of the workforce, instead of random correspondences that can be detrimental to holding the interest of employees and clients alike,” concludes Iseri.
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TokuSaku Consulting

TokuSaku Consulting

Seattle, WA

Matt Iseri, President & CEO

TokuSaku is a management and technology consulting company comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in business strategy, process, technology, and people. Since 2007, TokuSaku has been working with businesses throughout the Pacific Coast to strategize, design, and implement solutions for today’s complex management environments. TokuSaku’s unique methods incorporate the founder’s philosophy and experience as a 3rd degree black belt in Judo to ensure long-term client success