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Sheila Fain, CEO, LaMarsh GlobalSheila Fain, CEO
An important first step towards successful organizational change is ensuring all employees understand the need, goals and planned steps of the initiative. It’s only through this understanding that they can embrace and help affect the desired change. However, developing an organizational culture that embraces change is no small achievement. And often, organizations do not realize the desired return on investment because they did not gain acceptance or adoption from the very people most impacted by the change.

“Organizations are experiencing more change— and at a faster pace—than ever before,” says Sheila Fain, CEO of LaMarsh Global. “It is critical that top leadership unite all levels of the organization, so they are working together towards the same goal.” This is where LaMarsh Global’s experienced, executive consultants come in—using a proven methodology to understand and lead clients through strategic organizational change while engaging employees to make change happen.

It begins with developing a deep understanding of the client’s initiative and defining the scope of work necessary to address the challenge. LaMarsh Global’s distinct approach to client engagement takes a close look at the situation and customizes their methodology based on the clients’ needs, even deploying a specialized team if required. “Generally, we can have a team on site in about a month or even sooner if needed,” says Sheila.

“Learning plays a big role in our consulting process,” says Sheila.
“We partner with employees within the client organization using our unique change management methodology and toolset to transfer knowledge as we consult, which takes our clients a step closer to a change-ready organizational culture.” In addition, LaMarsh Global offers a Change Master course, a specialized training program dedicated to professionals who have been practicing change management for many years, as well as a variety of leadership learning opportunities tailored to the needs of the client organization. Return on investment (ROI) for training is almost immediate as the client can see an incremental improvement in performance as participants are coached to apply what they have learned. “In a largescale technology implementation, for instance, while the client is working on configuring the system, we at LaMarsh Global are working with Leaders to prepare their employees, enabling them to successfully meet new expectations,” Sheila adds.

Change is constant and will only become more so. But most change is planned without adequately factoring in the most important asset—your people

For example, one of LaMarsh Global’s clients was preparing to implement a new ERP platform. The LaMarsh Global team was brought in to help the client’s leadership and project teams to prepare for and implement the change and ensure those impacted across the organization were prepared to accept and adopt the new skills and behaviors necessary to deliver ROI. After the ERP platform was rolled out, a follow-up assessment was conducted to identify any remaining opportunities to improve and action was taken as necessary. Subsequently LaMarsh Global continued to support this client with the phased rollout across the organization through April 2020. The well-rounded approach resulted in positive outcomes.

LaMarsh Global has been supporting organizational change for over 40 years and has grown tremendously in recent years. Training and consulting services can be provided on client site and virtually.
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LaMarsh Global

LaMarsh Global

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Sheila Fain, CEO

LaMarsh Global provides strategic and tactical change management consulting, learning, certification and executive coaching services to its clients using its proven managed change model and methodology