DILAN Consulting Group: A Smarter Approach to Change Management

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Dr. Eugene Dilan, CEO, DILAN Consulting GroupDr. Eugene Dilan, CEO
Smooth orchestration of business operations hinges on not one, but multiple factors. And, organizations tend to lean toward third-party solution and service providers that can catalyze their efforts in achieving strategic objectives. However, despite the fact that most firms are explicit about their business objectives, inefficient execution of goals and ineffective employee motivation pose significant challenges to organizations during business transformations. At this juncture, DILAN Consulting Group—a California-based firm—steps forward with its unique approach of ‘transforming human performance’ to assist companies in completing their definitive milestones. Specializing in organizational development, DILAN Consulting Group brings in services for organizational change management, team development, conflict management, and executive coaching, all of which are primed to remove a multitude of business obstacles.

The idea ‘business is human’ serves as the driving force for DILAN Consulting Group in bringing out the best in employees, and the company boasts of a seasoned team of professional licensed psychologists and educators that help in understanding human behavior and motivation. To that end, the firm can readily formulate solutions to unleash the true potential of a workforce from a thorough analysis of performance, culture and dynamics. As a result, companies are much more efficient at orchestrating business operations, all the while developing teams and robust corporate infrastructures through DILAN Consulting Group’s expertise in behavioral psychology. DILAN Consulting Group upholds three essential principles: embracing emotions by appropriately channeling them, developing improved communication to drive success, and maintaining accountability of business outcomes.

“Our experience in working with organizations going through a transformation is that effective efforts always address the emotional component that arises from change.

The idea ‘business is human’ serves as the driving force for Dilan Consulting Group in bringing out the best in employees

People do not resist change out of hubris. Change taps into fear and feelings of loss, and if they are ignored, they seep out in unproductive ways that impede good thinking,” reveals Eugene Dilan, CEO of DILAN Consulting Group. The firm embraces a user-centered design approach for all organizational change initiatives. This means DILAN works hard up front to identify and fully understand all stakeholder groups and what the potential impact of any “Change” might mean in their world. They then work with the client in defining the problem, challenge or opportunity by setting the stage that success comes from developing solutions together.

Recently, DILAN Consulting Group helped one of its clients redefine their culture and values by fostering mutual understanding amongst the workforce, aligning them with their organizational vision and objectives to craft an effective communication strategy. The company conducted focus groups across multiple client locations and departments before presenting insights to the executive team. DILAN identified a colossal gap between the values and culture printed on posters and what the employees understood. Subsequently, it developed and rolled out training programs, which led to a clear understanding of the client’s philosophy, culture, and values, all the while improving the performance of the organization. Similarly, DILAN Consulting Group also saved another organization from losing their resources owing to the lack of compliance with industry standards while providing services to end customers. With proper analysis and surveys, DILAN was able to understand the primary drawbacks faced by its client, effectively offering services to mitigate the same.

The company serves organizations from diverse business domains and has built a vast clientele since its inception. “We are fortunate to have a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from financial services, biotechnology, cloud technology, and social networking. Our fast pace and focus on using scientifically validated models and tools connect with data-driven companies” reveals Dilan. With its client presence spanning across Europe and the United States, Dilan foresees a large scale expansion and growth in the years to come.