2021 Predictions - Change Management Technology

Kate DeGon, Founder & CEO, ChangeSyncKate DeGon, Founder & CEO
If ever there was a time when nearly every organization understands and appreciates the need to manage change quickly and well, it’s now. COVID-19 threw curveballs to organizations, causing them to change rapidly to survive. In swift time, employees began working remotely, business models pivoted, product lines changed, layoffs occurred, workforce protections were implemented, and the list goes on.

Companies scrambled to manage the rapid change, address employee and consumer concerns, implement new norms, and try to keep everything aligned. For many however, the change efforts felt chaotic, misinformed, misguided, and at best like a fire drill without marked exits. It was mayhem, and we were all living a version of it.

Pre-COVID-19, many organizations were not good at managing small, incremental changes, let alone dealing with the rapid and massive changes brought on by the pandemic. What was also very apparent in 2020, was that most organizations did not have transparency and real-time data into what changes were occurring across their organization, who was impacted, and if those changes were a success. Without an effective enterprise-wide change management tool, changing quickly and effectively was nearly impossible.

This is where ChangeSync is helping. As change management software designed to assist organizations to better prepare for, manage, track, and report on change, ChangeSync continues to transform the change journey for many organizations.
Over the past ten months, I’ve had innumerable conversations with leaders about how they want to better prepare and manage change going forward, and here is what I heard.

Continuing into 2021, there will continue to be an increase in organizations looking for a centralized change platform to coordinate changes, create synergies, and become more agile. They are demanding real-time data by which to analyze change trends. They want the ability to drill down into data, have dashboard reporting, look at change initiatives in a singular or aggregated view across their organization. They want to see who is impacted by change, and by how many changes. They want to see which change projects have dependencies or impacts on another. They want to create their organization’s change playbook through knowledge, data, and informed decision-making. They want to have historical data from past change projects to inform future decisions, to approve their change agility, and to build their organization’s change story. And finally, they want to have a 360-degree view of where they’ve been, where they are, and where their change journey is going, no matter where the organization or change team resides; the remote workforce is here to stay.

Here at ChangeSync we’ve documented these needs, gathered user and industry data, developed use cases, and turned them into requirements for our newest version. This new functionality, meeting the needs as described above, is scheduled to be deployed in the Spring of this year.

Despite 2020 having forced change upon us all, the gift in the madness was an awareness of the need to be better prepared for unpredictability. As such, I’m certain 2021 will drive organizations to explore and procure solid strategies, tools, and teams to manage both planned changes, as well as the inevitable unplanned ones.

What we do at ChangeSync is listen to the needs of our users, build capabilities to meet demands, and deliver a stellar change management platform that will always continue to evolve and improve. If you’re looking to improve change management at your organization, please contact us for a demo of ChangeSync and to learn more: info@changesync or 480-359-6432.