Change Et Al: Combining People, Process, and Culture for a Successful Change

Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in APAC - 2020

Change is difficult when it impacts us on a personal level. When it upsets the balance in an entire organization, it can seem near-impossible to deal with. That’s where the Human Resources department comes in. HR professionals have perhaps one of the essential roles where change management is concerned—they manage people throughout it. Companies who want to lead employees through the adoption of an organizational change successfully must follow a systematic, proactive approach that incorporates four primary steps: overcoming resistance, engaging employees, implementing change in phases and communicating the change.

To keep pace in a constantly evolving business world, organizations often need to implement enterprise-wide changes affecting their processes, products and people. It involves defining and adopting corporate strategies, structures, procedures and technologies to handle changes in external conditions and the business environment. Effective change management goes beyond project management, and technical tasks were undertaken to enact organizational changes and involves leading the “people side” of significant change within an organization. The primary goal of change management is to successfully implement new processes, products and business strategies while minimizing adverse outcomes.

Highlighting such new developments, HR Tech Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Services Companies’ that are making waves in the Change Management scene within HR Departments. The enlisted organizations are transforming the recruitment-based operations at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Enterprise HR Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Change Management Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2020.”

    Top Change Management Consulting/Service Companies in APAC

  • AGA’s change transformation service differs from a strict brand- or HR-focused change management approach by leaps and bounds. The company seamlessly integrates all the typical corporate functions: human resource, customer and marketing, technology, research, and operations, to develop a proprietary brand change framework that brings the layers of “outside” and “inside” brand change together. This framework, combined with Wong Mei Wai’s “outside-in” change matrix, helps in identifying the unconscious areas of a change process to deliver a transformational brand change strategy that highlights a business’s legacy

  • Change Et Al is a team of passionate business transformation experts with global and diverse industry experience. Whether it is acquisition integration, greenfield venture or a complete transformation for a business, Change Et Al believes in combining PEOPLE, PROCESS, and CULTURE interventions for a successful transformation. The company’s team consists of Lean Six Sigma, Human Resources, Communication, M&A, Technology and Culture experts to help clients through their transformation journey. Established in 2014, Change Et Al has worked with clients all over the world delivering outstanding results

  • Atlin


    ATLIN is a Melbourne based, independent and trusted provider of business management and professional services specialising in major business process change and IT change management programs. ATLIN supports the development, delivery and support of ICT solutions by combining our technical expertise with a deep knowledge of our customer’s business and rigorous, independent thinking. ATLIN offer a full ICT service capability, using resources who are experts in their field, to ensure that our clients have access to best practice solutions. Our skill base covers a wide range of "Skills Framework for the Information Age"​ (SFIA)

  • CDL Insight Consulting

    CDL Insight Consulting

    Over the last 20 years, CDL Insight Consulting have supported more than 650 organisations across New Zealand and Australia in addressing business and people challenges with insight and confidence. The company provides practical support and advice to senior leadership teams, HR, and business unit managers during vulnerable times of change. CDL’s market leading reputation is built on trust and robust, practical solutions. Their solutions are designed to affect positive leadership and help manage workplace disruption

  • Greenkern


    Greenkern is a Transformation Consultancy that focuses on innovation, organisational transformation, and global brand management. By fuelling strategy through creativity, Greenkern helps unearth opportunity in change and gives customers the tools to take on tomorrow. The company empowers their clients to take on the many topics, challenges and opportunities of managing their brands and organisations

  • Human Dynamic

    Human Dynamic

    Human Dynamic (HD) Established in Hong Kong in 1993 is a Global Partner for Leadership & Change. It has 16 direct offices across 9 countries with a diverse team of consultants and business coaches. The groups' mission is to provide Leadership & Change Management solutions to corporate clients that undergo the effects of globalization and organizational shifts

  • HumanCapient Consulting

    HumanCapient Consulting

    In 2007, a group of consultants at HumanCapient Consulting (HumanCap)—united by a core belief that people lie at the heart of any change—started enabling change and ensuring its effective management in such enterprises. HumanCap is one of Malaysia’s emerging management consultancy firms that has served medium to Fortune 500 Malaysian companies for more than 10 years. A staff strength of 40-odd people brings a wealth of experience and provides diverse expertise to tailor solutions to meet the unique nature of their clients. As one of the top change management companies, HumanCap has been enabling change in different types of organizations across industries for over a decade

  • Janellis


    Janellis have been working with leading organisations and government agencies to help execute strategy and build resilience since 1999. The company have niche expertise in working with executive leaders to help them navigate through some of the most complex challenges, threats and opportunities their organisations are facing. Janellis' expert consultants drive change across multiple disciplines in business and technology – project & portfolio management, transformation & change management, business analysis, PMO, process improvement, organisational resilience and executive crisis management

  • Prosci


    Founded in 1994, Prosci is the global leader in change management and the provider of choice for 80% of Fortune 100 companies. Prosci combines scientific research with the people side of change to deliver results-focused solutions that enable clients to achieve change outcomes and grow organizational change capability. Prosci maintains the world’s largest body of change management research—the basis for the company’s tools, methodologies, services, and role-based development programs

  • wm Consulting

    wm Consulting

    wm consulting offers leadership and talent development, corporate coaching, organizational development, and cultural transformation services. The company primarily focuses on mobilizing and transforming business cultures and establishes a solid foundation for leaders to develop a positive behavior toward implementing, managing, and embracing the change. The firm has developed various talent and skill development tools as well as coaching and leadership programs to equip leaders with the confidence and effective communication skills to hold rigorous conversations with their teams around change. Additionally, wm consulting provides a 360-degree analysis of the executive team and next-level leaders through credible self-awareness behavioral profiling tools such as LSI