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Rick Simmons, CEO and  Amy Simmons, Co-Founder, TelosRick Simmons, CEO and Amy Simmons, Co-Founder
Business leaders hone their leadership skills and optimize their business tactics periodically, in addition to which they need to embrace change as a strategic advantage for transforming themselves and their organizations. It is incumbent for these leaders to step into a degree of accountability to move in the chosen direction. Based in Cleveland, OH, telos is where C-level executives turn up when they need assistance in navigating the dynamic aspects of a changing environment. telos is a leading global organization consulting firm that focuses on three primary areas: expertise-business strategy, leadership development, and change management. “We empower leaders with the ability to embrace and face the constant changes in a business that can be the real deal maker or a deal breaker,” says Rick Simmons, CEO of telos.

When it comes to change management, telos addresses issues and handles circumstances such as merger and acquisition (M&A), organizational change, and succession planning. In an M&A scenario, the firm creates smooth, efficient, and effective transitions by involving people from the process and product teams while ensuring that the entire idea manifests and works in real time. In response to market forces or any number of different things, an organization may choose to revamp and reconstruct its existing culture. telos thoughtfully addresses the critical levers which serve as the formative steps in creating true organizational change. The company has a lot of expertise in succession planning, and it is a common entry point when they engage with a client. telos understands that the transition of a senior leader opens up the window to do substantive change management work; to that end, they provide leadership development coaching to change the thought process or approach of an individual as it inherently has a ripple effect.

Change is driven by emotion, and our job is to pair the right model and the right approach with the right circumstance

Often, companies fail to achieve the desired results as they miscalculate the sequence in which the changes need to be executed. In the midst of this process, they approach telos that takes a different approach to provide its client a firm footing and assists people in understanding the diverse aspects while introducing a shorter list of changes which can be incrementally implemented. They introduce the appreciative inquiry (AI) approach and enable an organization to reconnect and liberate their resources. “Change is driven by emotion, and our job is to pair the right model and the right approach with the right circumstance,” adds Amy Simmons, co-founder of telos.

In one such instance, telos worked with a large sporting goods retailer in the U.S. from a succession planning perspective. In the last five years, the company had been attempting to identify the next candidate for succession and was unsuccessful in its endeavor. The board of directors approached telos and challenged them to take a holistic approach toward evaluating and identifying leadership competencies. Consequently, the client appointed a fitting candidate as the next CEO who was not even on their radar in the first place.

telos which means “with the end in mind” in Greek assists its clients in setting a destination—which is an elusive component—and the required direction. Due to its collaborative approach, telos has a long-standing clientele as it has acted as trusted advisors over time. The company has consultants around the globe including Vietnam, Spain, UK, and Israel to name a few and is working with a many MNCs, helping them in their change management projects through coaching and consulting. “Our business is far less commercial or financial, and it is more about liberating greatness within everyone we touch via our organization,” concludes Rick Simmons.

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Rebecca Walker Joins Telos Partners LLC as Manager, Regulatory & Quality Affairs

LAKELAND, FLA.:Telos Partners, LLC. is pleased to announce that Rebecca Walker has joined the company as Manager, Regulatory and Quality Affairs. Rebecca will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies for our clients to achieve and maintain access to global markets - a key pillar within the Telos services offering.

Significant changes in the regulatory/quality landscape have created new challenges for our clients. Rebecca’s approach to addressing these changes will de-mystify complexities and guide our clients into rewarding, sustainable regulatory/quality pathways. She comes to Telos with 10+ years of experience in the life sciences industry, most recently as Regulatory Affairs Manager for NN Inc. (formerly Paragon Medical) overseeing all aspects of Regulatory Affairs and providing lead support for their corporate quality system initiatives. In that role, she authored 510(k) and Technical Files for Class II devices, led FDA inspections and supported ISO 13485 and customer audits. At NN she developed and implemented corporate design control procedures, as well as mentored design engineers.

“We are delighted to welcome Rebecca to our fast-growing advisory practice. Her industry track record will bolster the intellectual landscape of the Telos team and add value to our overall client experience, we look forward to seeing the major milestones our clients will accomplish as Rebecca leads our regulatory service pillar,” stated Joel Batts, President, and Co-Founder of Telos Partners LLC.

Before NN, Inc., Rebecca served as the Regulatory Affairs Manager for NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics, Inc. (formerly Ellipse Technologies) focusing on regulatory strategies and processes for global commercialization of medical devices. Rebecca’s combined experience as a Regulatory Affairs leader includes authoring and contributing to numerous 510(k)s and HDEs, integrating quality systems post-acquisition for several life sciences facilities, as well as contributing as part of a core team that successfully completed 8 product launches and 6 lines extensions.

“I am excited to be joining the Telos team at a time in which the regulatory landscape is rapidly evolving. Together, I look forward to providing our clients with regulatory and quality strategies that confidently support their business initiatives,” stated Rebecca.

Rebecca is current with her Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC) and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from California State University, Long Beach, CA.