Syntropy Partners: A Boutique Approach to Change Management

Sharyn Guhman, Co-owner; Robin Stehle, Co-owner, Syntropy PartnersSharyn Guhman, Co-owner; Robin Stehle, Co-owner
Change is reality for all organizations in today's complex and rapidly changing business landscape. Transformative change can have meaningful technology, process, and people impacts. Change can span functions and geographies, running concurrent to other initiatives and day-to-day operations. While there never seems to be enough time or resources to take on significant change efforts, there is no time to waste or the competition will outpace you, leaving your company to play catch-up.

The strategies for managing change and supporting employees’ successful adoption of new tools, organization structures, roles, policies, and ways of doing things are not new. It’s in how these strategies are employed, and by whom, that make the difference between lasting change and short-term surface acceptance, or at worst complete resistance. Unsuccessful change efforts can prevent realizing a strategic vision or achieving operational excellence, not to mention tens-of-thousands to millions in wasted investment.

Syntropy Partners understands what’s at stake and what’s needed to be successful -- deep relevant experience, an integrated and shared approach, and best practice methods tailored to each client’s unique environment. The Syntropy Partners team has decades’ experience not only supporting the people side of change, but the complex technologies and business processes involved. They work side-by-side with client teams to ensure change supports align with company culture, while building staff capacity along the way.

This was the case for one of Syntropy Partners’ public sector clients aimed at transforming the employee experience as they implemented a new comprehensive Human Capital Management System. They engaged Syntropy Partners to develop a Change Management strategy for administrative personnel and over 10,000 end users. Through initial discovery and stakeholder interviews, they learned that the client team and the implementation partner were mis-aligned on project goals.The client wanted to completely rethink many internal processes while optimizing the new enterprise system; the implementation partner was only focused on the technical installation. Syntropy Partners leveraged their knowledge, skill, and executive experience to facilitate alignment across parties, rework project scope and schedule

We understood their unique needs, balancing execution feasibility with benefits realization… getting them the best bang for their buck

ready the full team to support significant change, and set the project on a path to success. Only change management professionals able to bring the depth of understanding and experience of Syntropy could have such an impact.

In another example, Syntropy Partners established a custom change management organization (CMO) for an international manufacturing company struggling to drive adoption of new solutions from over 40 cross-functional initiatives. As co-owner Robin Stehle put it, “we understood their unique needs, balancing execution feasibility with benefits realization…getting the best bang for their buck.” The consulting team applied their command of change management methodology, expertise in executing change management principles on large complex initiatives, and experience in creating and operating program management and change offices within organizations to develop a comprehensive change management model that included a governance structure, intake process, staff roles and skills, team structure, and customized methodology inclusive of activities, tools, templates, and training.

Syntropy Partners was built on the premise that consultants are better having walked in their clients’ shoes, lived with the long-term impacts of their decisions, and dealt with the many challenges of leading a complex organization. Combining their history in Big 6 Consulting with executive IT leadership experience provides clients the best of both worlds - expert project delivery and genuine empathy for the challenges industry leaders face every day. Co-owner Sharyn Guhman likes to say, “we’ve been there, done that...and we can help you get there too.”

Syntropy Partners is a Colorado-based, women-owned boutique management and IT consulting firm whose team is comprised of skilled seasoned professionals. Their name comes from a scientific term that describes the concentration of energy toward higher forms of organization, order, and life. Working together to solve complex problems, they set organizations up to thrive. They create syntropy.
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Syntropy Partners

Syntropy Partners

Denver, CO

Sharyn Guhman, Co-owner; Robin Stehle, Co-owner

Syntropy Partners helps organizations solve complex business problems by implementing change management strategies effectively