Adizes Institute: Effective Methodology for Fruitful Organizational Change

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Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, Founder & CEO, Adizes InstituteDr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, Founder & CEO
The year is 1982, and a massive loss hits Bank of America (BOA)! The financial institution needs immediate guidance to overcome market share loss. To deal with this loss effectively, BOA’s president attends a lecture on ‘Adizes methodology’ that educates businesses on change management. This lecture by Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes—an expert in leadership and change management, and a tenured faculty member at UCLA—enlightens BOA’s president with the methodology that enables corporations to manage accelerated change and achieve exceptional results. After the lecture, the president immediately requests Dr. Adizes to visit BOA and help them with change management. Visiting the venue, Dr. Adizes observes that the institution has stagnant content and a bureaucratized environment— the prime reason for poor business performance. He then suggests the management to change the highly decentralized decision-making practices and adapt to the changing market. Within three years of implementing this unique methodology, BOA not only eliminates the problems but also becomes the banking behemoth. The massive turnaround of fortune firmly placed Adizes Institute—established in 1971 by Dr. Adizes—in the highest echelons of the transformative forces that could revive any company from the situation of ‘no chance’ to ‘blockbuster’ in the market. “We educate corporate leaders to effectively deal with risk and uncertainty―an inevitable part of transformation and change,” mentions Dr. Adizes.

Young Dr. Adizes found that many universities and business schools taught effective decision-making, but not one focused on its implementation. “I developed Adizes methodology as a guiding light for businesses to turn their plans into actions,” says Dr. Adizes. The universal phenomenon, ‘fear of change,’ compels companies to search for productive ways to implement the right decisions that differentiate them from competitors. The key to frictionless organizational change is co-operative and collaborative work blended with mutual respect and trust among the workforce, and Adizes methodology combines these ideas to educate a corporate workforce on cooperating for a reason―common interest.

We educate corporate leaders to effectively deal with risk and uncertainty-an inevitable part of transformation and change

“To tackle the internecine strife in an organization, our professionals work as organizational therapists to improve a company’s environment for revitalizing the business,” says Dr. Adizes. The company’s unique methodology educates top management to reconsider their leadership style and listen to the ideas of subordinates as well as fellow executives. “We are not conventional management consultants or organizational development trainers. Instead, we are change management experts who work side-by-side with clients to implement required changes with comprehensive long-term support.”

At the outset, a company’s executives can attend Adizes Institute’s workshops and listen to the change management logic. If they find the methodology appealing, Adizes Institute will convene a seminar for the client’s entire top management. In this seminar, Adizes’ professional team implements the diagnosis process to analyze the client’s current challenges and priorities that need to be addressed to accelerate their transition from one corporate lifecycle phase to the next. Later, these professionals hand over the overall diagnosis report to the executives and help them discover the company’s problems and the solutions to mitigate them. This self-discovery builds strong ownership, accountability, and commitment to change. Finally, Adizes Institute guides the management with the plan of action to eliminate the challenges in change management within three years with a systematic approach that encompasses a customized sequence and time frame for each phase of development.

Currently, the Adizes Institute is educating business owners, executives, and change management experts on ‘collaborative leadership’ and also preparing new protocols to improve both the education system and the government sector. The Adizes Institute aims to make this effective methodology universal for for-profit, not-for-profit, family and government organizations to foster collaborative relationships in society, as a whole.