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Alla Kaplan, Change Leader & Owner, 71 & ChangeAlla Kaplan, Change Leader & Owner
Ever wondered why the name, ’71 & Change’? Well, the inception of the company was inspired by migrating birds that fly in V-shape in the sky? When flying in the V-formation, the birds have the potential to fly 71 percent further than a bird flying alone. Scientifically, the trail of the upward push left by the leading bird’s wingtips helps it to move up and down. The following birds, thanks to their high sensing capabilities, can sense the dynamics and adjust their flipping to achieve the free lift. Interestingly, each bird takes the lead position in the order, which depicts the fact that working in a team while continuously adapting to change improves the performance of each member by leaps and bounds. Inspired by the team spirit of the birds flocking in conjunction to reach their destination, 71 & Change witnessed its debut as a boutique consulting company in 2016 intending to revolutionize the change management across industries.

With scientific rigor as the bedrock of their solution, the firm offers state-of-the-art product, Change Analytics. A comprehensive cloud-based tool, Change Analytics, is designed to simplify change management work, making it easier for enterprises to gather, manage, measure, and visualize change across the organization. It’s built by change practitioners, for change practitioners. The dashboard built into the solution allows companies to visualize the changes affecting their businesses in real-time. For instance, it creates ‘heat maps’ that show potential problems where employees are at risk of burn out and decreased morale. Moreover, the revolutionary heat-map shows which departments will be more impacted by the change, and to what degree.

Change Analytics is designed to simplify change management work, making it easier for enterprises to gather, manage, measure, and visualize change across the organization

By allowing the stakeholders to discover which projects are delivering change during a particular timeframe, Change Analytics provides a dashboard view that helps the managers to drill into a plan and understand the criticality quickly. Not to mention, the decision makers can obtain the detailed reports— also presented using infographics— coming from the highly configurable change model covering impacts, activities, and performance metrics. This pioneering feature eliminates the need for managers to use cumbersome spreadsheets to drive decisions around change saturation.

An international financial services company was undergoing a transformation in one of their business units to improve data and technology with the end goal of improving customer service. Budgeted at over $10mn, the project that included an SAP upgrade for portfolio management, core finance, and sourcing modules, as well as a custom interface for the PPM, impacted more than 1,000 globally dispersed users. However, because the earlier and smaller releases had not vetted the anticipated results of the users, this led to employees losing trust in the solution over the benefits until 71 and Change stepped in. Having designed a comprehensive readiness and adoption program including a gamification plan, 71 & Change trained 600+ employees within a three-week window. The result was a re-energized employee engagement that prepared the users to use the new tools and processes readily.

71 & Change has a history of innovations to their credit in terms of introducing ground-breaking solutions to address the current change management predicaments. Having drawn an expansion blueprint to ripple out of its current capacity, the firm plans to grow in both Seattle and Portland and is looking to hire experienced and passionate change management practitioners. With an active research agenda on leadership across cultures, the firm continues to be an innovator and create new products and research-based solutions.
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71 & Change

Portland, OR

Alla Kaplan, Change Leader & Owner

71 & Change a comprehensive cloud-based tool designed to simplify change management work by making it easier to gather, manage, measure, and visualize change across your organization. 71 & Change helps clients articulate the change climate they face now and prepare and adapt for what’s coming with better, smarter, faster routes for change. 71 & Change is inspired in name and in structure by the power migrating birds find in collaboration. While traveling in a V-formation, the flock shares and rotates leadership, plays to individual strengths, and even finds ways to mitigate fatigue